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Hello, my name is Trinity Michaels. Welcome to my site about criminal law. When I was a young kid, I would watch court cases unfold on the TV screen whenever I had the chance. My interest in this field developed into a lifelong passion that I pursue to this day. I would like to use this site to help you learn all you can about criminal law cases. I will cover how they begin, the steps involved in navigating them easily and the potential results of each case type. I will cover charges, sentences and other factors involved in criminal law cases. Thank you.

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Answering A Couple Of Custody Questions Divorcing Parents May Have

Being a parent going through a divorce can be a stressful experience due to the questions surrounding custody of the children from the marriage. These issues are often a source of great contention, and as a result, it is important for you to be as informed as possible when going through these proceedings. After you have the answers to the following couple of questions, you will be in a better position to understand what to expect from these proceedings and your rights as a divorced parent.

Will A Drug Test Be Required During The Custody Proceedings?

There are some individuals that may be surprised to learn that it can be required to undergo a drug test during these proceedings. The exact rules governing whether this will be required can vary from state to state and even judge to judge. As a result, you should make sure that you are sober before going to court. While failing the drug test will not automatically disqualify you from visitation or custody, you will have to show that you are taking steps to address the problem. Once you have completed counseling for the drug problem, your visitation rights may be reviewed by the court to ensure you are able to spend time with your children.

What If The Other Parent Denies Your Visitation Rights?

Unfortunately, issues relating to child custody often arise over the course of time. A common problem can stem from one parent attempting to deny the other visitation. Often, this is done to as a way to get back at the other parent, and the courts are aware of this. As a result, if you are going through this type of dispute, you should contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

It may be possible to hold the other parent in contempt of court. This can result in expensive fines or jail time until the parent relents and allows you to see your children. While you may not want to resort to this approach, it can be the only option for ensuring your rights as a parent are protected.

Custody issues can be particularly bitter for divorcing parents to resolve. To ensure these proceedings go as smoothly as possible for you, it is important to understand that drug testing may be required by the judge when deciding custody. Also, you should be aware of how to handle if the other parent is denying your visitation rights. Being armed with this information will make you better prepared for going through the divorce process and living life as a divorced parent. An attorney like Lynn Jackson Shultz & Lebrun PC can help answer any other questions you may have.